Beatriz Belliard an amazing "Haute Couture" Cake Designer.

Wedding cake conventionnal chic and picture from Beatriz Belliard (2012)

Tell me briefly about your background? your profession? 

 I've always loved making cakes since I was 13, for my family first. I followed courses dietician in Brazil, my country of birth, where in each family celebration, there were decorated cakes of all shapes, swimming pool, car, castle ... and I still remember, they were so amazing! Then I came to Paris at the Cordon Bleu school diploma to pass the pastry chef and cook. I came to learn French cuisine, with the intention to leave Brazil with this expertise. I met my husband, so I came to Rennes with the idea of ​​offering the general public, cakes decorated to beautify weddings and birthdays. 
My job as a cake designer is unusual because it is a specialized job that requires for each cake, a lot of time and a taste for decoration. 

You are specialized in American desserts, why the wedding cake?   

These wedding cakes are seen in the American TV series, they are so amazing ! And contrary to what many people think, the "American desserts" can be very good. This is what we strive to do so by developing original recipes adapted to French taste and organic ingredients.  
These cakes are also popular because they are spectacular and beautiful. As they are made, they can be decorative elements of the room where they are exposed. They symbolize the couple and they create wonder.  

We also provide transportation and installation location of the wedding and we propose 
 for rent food presentation cakes.

A time limit for an order?  

Our production capacity pastry "haute couture" is limited. It is recommended to do this as soon as possible. Typically, customers contact us between one and six months in advance.  

Contact: / Tel:  00 33 (0)2 99 23 80 40.

Le Salon du Mariage à Rennes

 C'est le Salon du Mariage à Rennes.

Le 9,10,11 novembre au Parc des Expositions.

Vous pouvez venir réserver votre wedding cake sur le stand commun que nous avons avec Happy and Co et WebShoot.

A bientôt !